Create Impact at Scale with a Mission Oriented Innovation Approach

In this crash course, we will work through a Mission-Oriented Innovation Process and gain knowledge on how to organize and lead them.

During this Crash Course, we will build capacity to pursue greater efforts together and with other parties, in Sweden and internationally. Before the start of the course, online material will be offered (optional) and a few weeks after the course there will be a webinar to capture questions and discuss future needs.

The aim of the two-day workshop is by collaboration and co-creation to be able to jointly answer the following questions:
• Why do we need a new method to tackle the great challenges we are facing?
• What are the key principles in the approach?
• How to initiate and facilitate Mission Oriented innovation processes?
• How can system demonstrators play an important role to pave the way for completely new solutions?
• How to create capacity and orchestrate resources on a European level to scale up new solutions?


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