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As initiators on this platform, we summon, connect and support regional innovation environments. Using both proven and ground-breaking methods and processes, we initiate, enable and amplify different forms of collaboration. All in the name of transforming our society towards viable sustainability. Let’s band together!

Accelerating system transformation towards global sustainabiliy


Within the area Capacity, iHubs identifies needs and initiates training programs to build capacity for sustainable system innovation.

Our aim is to support and enable system contributors and leaders to create impact at scale. This is done by building capacity for mission driven innovation and strengthen the ability to lead and drive innovation as well as transformation processes.

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Initiated pilot programs

To lead in a fast moving and rapidly changing world. This program enhances Swedens competitiveness by fostering innovation- and transformation capabilities to develop globally competitive innovation environments.

Create Impact at Scale with a Mission Oriented Innovation Approach. A workshop to gain knowledge on how to organize and lead through a Mission-Oriented Innovation Process.

Introduction to intraprenourship. The ability to innovate and renew within established business is crucial for companies to develop and survive.

If you want to contribute to transformative change, co-create sustainable solutions for global impact, as well as a promote regional and national industrial and institutional renewal in a global world – then iHubs Sweden is your honeypot. Give us a call!

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