A Little Dictionary for iHubs Sweden

iHubs Sweden wants to help bring organisations and groups together, including large, global companies, small local businesses, researchers, politicians, financiers and the public sector. Our starting point is collaboration. We believe in the meeting place and in building networks where new innovations can grow.

Areas of strength

iHubs Sweden encompasses a number of areas of strength. Several of these are linked with Vinnväxt initiatives, which Vinnova funds. These include advanced steel, automation, bioeconomy, broadband and sensor technology, geographic informatics, industrial IT, life sciences, robotics, smart cities, smart textiles, sports and outdoors, urban supply support and visualisation.


iHubs Sweden is an open innovation platform that strongly believes in collaboration.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing people’s lives, the public and private sectors, places and regions. We are in the midst of one of the biggest transformations that humanity has faced. The digital transformation is one of the most bewildering phenomena we humans have had to face. iHubs Sweden wants to take part in that challenge and meet it head-on.


Innovation is created out of diversity. Diversity fosters innovation. iHubs Sweden seeks to ensure that different ideas are seen, that perspectives are allowed to compete with each other, that people from different environments and contexts build something new together.


iHubs Sweden believes in ecosystems. It is the only way forward – embracing the fact that we are many, that we are different, that we come together to jointly develop solutions for the needs of society. Companies. Researchers. Public authorities. Politicians. Financiers. Organisations of all kinds. Individuals. Together, we form ecosystems.


We should not pretend that we know what lies ahead. In many ways, the future is unknown to us. But we already see how the digital transformation is reshaping our entire society. Our personal lives. Education. Research. How companies are emerging. How companies are failing. How new circumstances are forcing society’s organisations to undergo fundamental changes. In the midst of this, iHubs Sweden wants to bring together those who will find the strength jointly to face the challenges that are already here and those that await us tomorrow, next week, next month and in the coming years.

Gender equality

iHubs Sweden is committed to ensuring that both women and men participate on an equal footing and influence the development of regional innovation environments and Swedish areas of strength.

Global challenges

This is a major focus. Swedish industry must be equipped to meet global challenges. We cannot avoid increasing international competition. But with innovation, sustainability and creative collaborations, we can make it possible for Swedish companies to reach out into the world. That’s a journey iHubs Sweden wants to be part of.

Global companies

Through iHubs Sweden, large global companies can access regional research and innovation environments that exist throughout Sweden. We want to open doors so that dialogues can take place about concrete initiatives regarding digitisation and technology shifts.

High degree of innovation

This is one of our greatest strengths. We know that where the risks are greatest, we can expect the greatest rewards. That is why we always set our sights on the peaks of innovation. It’s a risk we have to take.

Impact hub

Yes, iHubs Sweden is an impact hub. It’s about impact, about influence. And actually, that well-worn phrase, “making a difference”. We still believe in it.

Innovation hub

Yes, iHubs Sweden is an innovation hub. We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship combined with technological breakthroughs can enhance Swedish industry’s areas of strength. iHubs Sweden wants to inspire regional groups and organisations wishing to set up their own innovation hubs and develop areas of strength where academia, industry and policy can work together to achieve global visibility and competitiveness.

International collaborations

A large number of regional innovation hubs are emerging in Europe today. iHubs Sweden is part of this movement, and through it we gain a wide international network. This network is a powerful resource for Swedish regions and locations that want to grow.

Regional companies and organisations

Companies and organisations that are already involved in Vinnväxt initiatives can receive help through iHubs Sweden in finding other Vinnväxt initiative networks and gaining access to the services that other initiatives offer.


iHubs Sweden is a tool for regions and locations that want to accelerate the pace of sustainable development in areas of growth, especially in technology and knowledge-driven areas. Regionally, we bring different organisations and groups together, and with our connection to national and international environments, we are part of something larger.

Smart specialisation

iHubs Sweden is founded on smart specialisation as a means to strengthen Swedish industry, promote regions and create international successes.


We have only one Earth: a single planet where we can live. This is it. For us, sustainability is a prerequisite for new knowledge and new, successful products, services and processes that result in increased competitiveness for Swedish industry.

System acceleration

System acceleration is a collective name for the ways we make as effective as possible for collaborators in new joint research, development and innovation activities in order to create new competitive businesses and solutions.

System innovation

System innovation is a policy approach that involves many actors outside of government as well as different levels of governments. System innovation is about identifying and initiating new types of growth and innovation support, but also by attracting new important companies and organizations to our collaborations.

Tools and methods

iHubs Sweden has many different tools and methods for contributing to the growth of regions. We bring groups and organisations together. Matchmaking is part of our DNA. Pursuing long-term programmes is our everyday life. We work with CEO networks, sector advice, industry advice, project portfolios, pilot studies and events.


iHubs Sweden has emerged as an idea within the Vinnväxt programme run by Vinnova. Vinnväxt is a competition for regions to promote sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific areas of growth. By bringing together Vinnväxt initiatives, we create a common environment that strengthens their role and position in Swedish and international innovation and growth systems. This, in turn, helps regions to grow and helps Swedish industry become stronger in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


Yes, we mean it. Seriously. iHubs Sweden wants to contribute to the development of regions and places into world-class innovative environments.