About iHubs Sweden

iHubs Sweden is a national innovation platform that stands for smart specialisation and the development of industry through innovation.

Strong innovation nodes are part of modern society’s infrastructure for sustainable growth. The nodes act as catalysts for SMEs’ innovations, as well as for regional and national industrial and institutional renewal in a global world.

iHubs Sweden is a national collaboration platform that wants to help these nodes continue to grow in order to raise Sweden’s competitiveness as a nation. iHubs Sweden supports and drives innovation projects that lead to resource-efficient and sustainable processes and supply chains.

Our focus is regional strengths that create dynamic innovation environments.

iHubs Sweden is funded by Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, within its Vinnväxt programme.

Collaboration, system innovation and system acceleration

iHubs Sweden stands for smart specialisation and the development of industry through innovation. One way we do this is by collaboration, system innovation and system acceleration bringing together organisations and groups from different areas of strength.

Industry, university and government constitute the backbone of our network. Civil society and individuals are also important. The networks we are building are characterised by specialised expertise, project consortia expanding knowledge and optimisation of value chains. In this way, we help regions to expand their areas of strengths.

Regions strengthen regions

iHubs Sweden links regions together with regions. This is possible through our close connection with the winners in Vinnova’s Vinnväxt programme and other hubs and nodes throughout Sweden. This means that areas of strength from different regions can draw inspiration from each other and thus become even more competitive.

International focus

Innovation hubs are an established concept in many regions of Europe today. These iHubs are often based on smart specialisation to enhance the region’s areas of strength, a method initiated by the European Commission. As a result, iHubs Sweden is part of a well-established European network. In this way, Swedish regions can find a path to international partners and Swedish companies can reach out to a global market.

Sustainability and gender equality

iHubs Sweden’s projects and activities are part of the Swedish government’s four stated societal challenges: health and life sciences, the climate challenge, digitisation and a sustainable built environment.
iHubs Sweden always supports one or more of the main objectives and sub-objectives contained in Agenda 2030.
iHubs Sweden promotes gender equality in the Swedish innovation system.