7 future new jobs – is yours included?

Welfare technology and e-health, real estate automation and virtual reality are examples of new career roles in the future, a Swedish job market report points out.

iHubs Sweden 7 future new jobs – is yours included?

Image above: A dentist wearing virtual reality glasses or Microsoft Hololens. Is this what we have to get used to in the future when traditional jobs meet new tech? A job market report in Sweden emphasizes the importance of new education when new roles emerge in the job market. Photo: Mikael Hansson.

Future transformation in the labor market and digitization will lead to new professions and roles that can complement and in some cases replace existing jobs, stresses a Swedish report (Arbetsmarknadsrapport 2019) presented by the education company Nackademin.

Seven new professions

Seven new professions and occupational roles that the report points out are as follows:

  • Welfare Technology Coordinator (e-Health Coordinator)
  • Real Estate Automation Engineer
  • Virtual Reality Developer
  • Virtual Reality Producer
  • Internet of Things Business Developer
  • Digital Accounting Consultant
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist

“This type of hybrids of competencies means major changes, both for industry and individual employers,” says Astrid Westfeldt Corneman, CEO at Nackademin.

She believes that education are meeting new challenges and that, in particular, the Swedish Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan) has great opportunities to meet this development by rapidly identifying the skills needed and delivering training solutions based on them.

“That’s why the Higher Vocational Education is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to responding to the challenges and needs of skills that we see in Sweden today,” says Astrid Westfeldt Corneman.

Vinnväxt and the need for new skills

In addition, the Vinnväxt initiatives that receive funding from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, there is a similar preparedness in meeting the need for new skills that are emerging. Vinnova’s program Vinnväxt will promote sustainable regional growth in Sweden by developing internationally competitive research and innovation environments in specific growth areas. The winning initiatives will receive ten years of funding with the goal of establishing them as national and internationally strong and attractive innovation environments in Sweden.

Welfare Technology

The recently appointed Vinnväxt initiative DigitalWell Arena is an example of organizations that work with new skills important for welfare technology coordinators or e-health coordinators. The job market report points out this as a new occupational role that is important for new technology in care and care.

Automation in smart housing

Another example of the report is automation in smart housing. The real estate industry is becoming more knowledge-intensive when smart systems take over routine tasks. Complex problem solving and creativity become increasingly important skills.

Automation is something that several Vinnväxt initiatives work with, for example, Automation Region in Västerås and Smart Housing Småland.

Virtual reality

A third example highlighted by the report is virtual reality. Virtual reality is already today used to show how future homes and residential areas can be built before they are completed, something that the Smart Housing Småland Vinnväxt initiative has shown in several projects.

Virtual reality is also involved in health care, treatment of anxiety disorders and education. Among the Vinnväxt initiatives, Visual Sweden has extensive activities in this area.

New professions

The Job Market Report 2019 shows that the boundaries between industries are blurred when new technologies are implemented. Consequently, there is a need for new skills profiles that combine knowledge, skills and abilities from several different areas.

The Job Market Report 2019 (Arbetsmarknadsrapporten) is published by the Nackademin in 2018 to investigate the labor market’s need for new skills.

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