Björn Arvidsson new managing director for Uppsala Bio

Björn Arvidsson has been recruited as the new managing director for Uppsala BIO.

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Life Science in Uppsala is entering a new and exciting time, sometimes called the fourth industrial revolution. A fusion of technologies and systems – physical, biological and digital – create new rules of the game and industry definitions. When drugs, medical technology, biotechnology tools, and diagnostics are intertwined with biology, chemistry, digitalization, food sciences, environmental and sustainability, artificial intelligence, etc., new forms of public-private collaborations are needed to ensure our future competitiveness.

To meet these opportunities, the STUNS foundation has recruited Björn Arvidsson to fulfill the role of the new Managing director for the foundation’s life science branch Uppsala BIO. Björn’s most recent engagement has been at the Swiss pharmaceutical and diagnostics giant Roche.

Andreas Larsson, CEO of STUNS, on the recruitment of Björn:

“During his 10 years at Roche, Björn has had several roles within diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, from product responsibility to marketing and communication, and policy development. This, together with the acquired experiences from various parts of the Swedish innovation system, makes Björn an excellent fit for mobilizing Uppsala’s innovation system in life science and healthcare at a time when industry boundaries are being blurred and disparate areas seem to be intertwined. ”

Björn has a background in chemistry studies at the Uppsala biomedical center (BMC) at Uppsala University and has pursued doctoral studies focusing on early diagnostics in the Department of Analytical Chemistry and has been a researcher at the Swedish Defense Research Institute FOI in Umeå.

Björn will take up the position on September 1, replacing Erik Forsberg who took up the position managing director at EIT Health Scandinavia.

Image above: Adobe Stock/Looker_studio

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