The challenge of getting more women into programming

An inspiring lecture about the challenge of getting more women into programming.

iHubs Sweden The challenge of getting more women into programming

Image above: Workshop with Tjejer Kodar.

According to the industry organization IT and Telekomföretagen, 70 000 new programmers are needed in Sweden by the year 2022. To get there we all need to work together, we need initiatives, activities and educations that lead to work opportunities. September 10th Future Position X in Gävle took one step to contribute in this area when Hanna Pettersson from Tjejer Kodar was invited for a lecture and workshop.

Hanna Pettersson held an inspiring lecture about how Tjejer Kodar, in innovative ways, have taken on the challenge of getting more women into programming.

Tjejer Kodar offers everything from 12 weeks of intensive courses, evening courses, weekend workshops to training trips abroad. With their platform they have created a new landscape within IT education for women. 80% of those who have participated in some form of education by Tjejer Kodar are considering working within IT in the future!

Hanna Pettersson’s eye-opening lecture was received very well by the invited participants which included educational actors in the region; University of Gävle, Realgymnasiet, Plushögskolan, ABF and Folkuniversitetet, as well as regional actors such as Region Gävleborg, Gävle Kommun, Arbetsförmedlingen and the companies Fujitsu, Lantmäteriet, Esri, Ranstad, Billerud Korsnäs and FindIT.

After the lecture Hanna Pettersson continued with a workshop. Tons of ideas came out of the innovative mashup on the subjects communication channels, activities, effect and cooperation.

The end result was a large quantity of innovative and possible future activities in the region to develop and work with in collaboration.

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Published: 5 February, 2021