Collaboration essential for electrification at Aitik

Collaboration with partners is necessary for growth and technology development. It is essential for the pilot project with electrified trucks at the Aitik mine.

iHubs Sweden Industrial IT Collaboration essential for electrification at Aitik

Image above: Boliden.

This fall the very first electric truck was switched on as part of the pilot project for electrification of transports at Aitik. The pilot project is being implemented with a number of partners, including ABB and Eitech (electrical infrastructure), and Caterpillar and Pon Equipment (truck conversion).

“They have really proven themselves during this project by being attentive to our needs and showing great commitment,” says the project’s technical manager, Jonas Ranggård, on Boliden’s web.

He expresses praise for Boliden’s partners and is keen to offer insight to others into the project.

Watch video with electrified truck at Aitik.

Read more in Swedish.

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