A delivery robot for circular fashion

An autonomous delivery robot takes care of moving items.

iHubs Sweden Bioeconomic A delivery robot for circular fashion

HUGO, the Swedish School of Textiles, Sport lala, Ericsson and Something Borrowed are now partners in a project to adapt HUGO to fit the needs of circular fashion.

Scientists at Swedish School of Textiles are going to develop an autonomous delivery robot that takes care of the return of goods. It downloads the package, deliver it to the post office and post it.

Renting, loaning and borrowing are key steps in the circular fashion value chain. An essential factor in this new business model is the need to move items between different users and other stakeholders. An autonomous delivery robot can be a sustainable option that makes the exchange of items effortless from the users perspective.

Partners are Berge Consulting, Ericsson and Hugo Delivery.

Read more about the project.

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