Microsoft buys land in Sweden

Sweden is attractive to technology-driven companies that want to grow. Now, Microsoft buys 130 acres of land in Gävle and Sandviken.

iHubs Sweden Microsoft buys land in Sweden

Image above: Very pleased with Microsoft’s acquisition of land is Göran Arnell, Municipal Manager Gävle Municipality, Patrik Stenvard, Municipal Council (M) Gävle Municipality, Peter Kärnström, Municipal Council (S) Municipality of Sandviken and Ann-Katrin Sundelius, Municipal Director of Sandviken Municipality.

The municipalities Gävle and Sandviken today confirm that they sell 130 hectares of land (about 260 football pitches) to Microsoft for close to $30 million. The deal is a receipt for Sweden’s competitive offer to attract foreign investment.

Microsoft has not yet communicated what they will do with the acquired land.

Great expectations

An establishment of Microsoft would mean higher attractiveness of the region, opportunities for common competence building and hopefully the development of new supplier clusters. In addition to an increased number of jobs, foreign investment can also lead to new business ventures.

Sweden’s central location in the Nordic region combined with a large number of multinational companies, a growing start-up sector and a large public sector that drives the digital transformation provide an attractive growth platform for technology-driven innovative companies. This makes Sweden one of Europe’s most attractive countries for international companies to invest or expand in.

“It is very exciting that a company like Microsoft, with such magnitudes within the digital infrastructure, is interested in large land areas in our region. Our goal is to become one of the region’s largest industrial establishments, “says Patrik Stenvard (M), chairman of the municipal council in Gävle.

“The deal can strengthen Gävle-Sandviken as a modern industrial region with yet another international company, “says Peter Kärnström (S), chairman of the municipal council in Sandviken.

A result of long-term strategic work “This is the result of a long-term strategic effort to highlight the region’s best conditions for establishment. Our hope is that this will lead to many new jobs in Gävle and Sandviken, “says Göran Arnell, Municipal Manager in Gävle.

“Our region has long experience of a traditional primary industry, as a result of the strengths of innovation and smart IT solutions for industry. We hope that together with the company, we can create the conditions for a positive development, “says Ann-Katrin Sundelius, Municipal Manager in Sandviken.

Business Sweden participated

Even those who participated in the business from Business Sweden are very pleased.
“It is gratifying that our long-term efforts to attract foreign investment carry fruit. The international interest in Sweden is still strong. It is above all our infrastructure, our sustainability work, our skills and our innovative business climate, which is highly valued, says Ylva Berg, CEO of Business Sweden.

“We are very pleased that Microsoft, one of the world’s highest rated companies, has decided to buy land in Sandviken and Gävle. This is a first but very important step towards establishing a new business, and taking advantage of the infrastructure and expertise in the region. We have been working hard until this moment and really look forward to the continued joint work, “says Tomas Sokolnicki, Senior Investment Advisor, Business Sweden.

One of Business Sweden’s missions is to identify and develop solutions for foreign companies wishing to invest in Sweden, together with Swedish regions and municipalities. This work has been done in close cooperation with Invest Stockholm, Invest in Gävleborg and the municipalities Gävle and Sandviken, where a number of local and national actors have also helped to verify the potential in the region.

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