A new blockchain testbed has been launched

A Block Chain Test Bed has been launched at Gävle Innovation Arena.

iHubs Sweden Geographical information A new blockchain testbed has been launched

Monday September 10th we enjoyed welcoming around 50 people for the Launch of the Block Chain Test Bed, held at Clarion Winn Hotel here in Gävle.

Christofer Ohlsson from Gävle Developers Meetup began describing the Block Chain Technique in a way that was intriguing, explanatory and understandable for the audience. We got a sense of;

  • What’s in it for me?
  • How can this be applied to the work that we do?

Mikael Söderman, Fujitsu, continued with introducing Block Chain Test Bed. He presented it as being a single point of truth, that it guarantees authenticity, secures transfer of digital values and handles smart contracts. Mikael gave us examples of several possible applications such as Origin Marking, tracing of fish in a value chain and handling of hospital records and other medical information.

Finally, Anders Mattson, Project Manager for Gävle Innovation Arena, showed us how to connect to the Arena, how to become a member and then getting started with various tests. Anders suggested that a good way to start was to review the self-study section to learn more about the Block Chain Test Bed.

After the Launch, the participants were invited to mingle and try the tasty street food.

To learn more about Block Chain Test Bed and Gävle Innovation Arena go to: https://www.gavleinnovationarena.se/

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