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A new phase of Triple Steelix

Triple Steelix is an innovation and development center that promotes sustainable growth in Sweden by further developing international competitiveness with steel as a base.

iHubs Sweden Advanced steel A new phase of Triple Steelix

Triple Steelix is a regional development initiative in Sweden. Its strategic goal is to make the steel industry of Bergslagen, successful as it already is, even stronger through an effective interaction between industry and commerce, scientific research and the wider community.

Triple Steelix is now approaching the end of a long era as a Vinnväxt initiative, where Vinnova has been part of the funding.

Financiers for 2019 and 2020 are Region Gävleborg, Region Dalarna, the Swedish Agency for Growth S3 and the Swedish steel industry.

Triple Steelix S3’s new host organisation is IUC Dalarna, after being owned by Jernkontoret, the Swedish steel producers’ association until now. During the project period, Triple Steelix S3 will form a financial or charitable association, which is planned to be our long-term organisational form.

On November 28, Triple Steelix moved to Dalarna Science Park where they now ”live with” IUC, ITS Dalarna, FindIT, etc. Triple Steelix  will also be present at Sandbacka Park and Västerås Science Park. This is part of the strategy of working in the same environments as other colleagues in the innovation and business development system. The goal is to collaborate more easily and bring together the many different skills needed for the projects being conducted.

The Triple Steelix approach is unique, both with reference to Bergslagen – heartland of mining and metallurgy – and for Sweden as a whole. Its unique character stems from the organisation’s role as a co-ordinating platform. The accent is on building partnerships with many stakeholders whose different needs and ideas can be matched up in a way that generates both innovation and renewal.

The way that Triple Steelix operates has been shown to be successful and many of those involved have been able to develop their infrastructure in the region. The goal is for everyone to benefit from Triple Steelix, namely the business sector, higher education, the wider community and, not least, the individual citizens of Bergslagen.

Triple Steelix vision: To be a centre of excellence and innovation for advanced steel.

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