Sally R signs exclusive license agreement with NASA

Sally R has signed an exclusive license agreement with NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration for eight patents covering several areas of air treatment and cleaning.

iHubs Sweden Industrial IT Sally R signs exclusive license agreement with NASA

Image above: The team behind Sally R during a prize ceremony at Västerås business gala Guldstänk where the company was named Innovator of the Year. From left Viktor Kjellberg, Fredrik Edström, Anders Edström and Mohamad Omar Mansour.

The technology will further improve Sally R’s ability to clean air and decrease the energy consumption and operational cost of ventilation systems.

One of the patents covers a low-temperature catalyst, which Sally R recently got a grant worth 4 MSEK from Boverket o develop with support from Mälardalen University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. This technology works in a similar way as a catalyst for a car, but at lower temperatures. With this technology, Sally R aims to remove harmful gases (VOCs) using minimal energy consumption.

The patents also cover technology for decomposition of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Based on these patents the company will develop technology to remove NOx from the air as it passes the ventilation system on its way into the building. This is important as many cities have dangerously high levels of NOx that irritate airways and mucous membranes.

– Good air should be a human right. Our vision is to contribute to making it so, says CEO Viktor Kjellberg.

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