Industriforskarskolans budget är på 75 miljoner kronor. På bilden syns roboten Yumi från ABB, en av flera partners i samarbetet. Bilden från ett annat tillfälle.

SEK 75 million for industrial research school in automation

iHubs Sweden Automation SEK 75 million for industrial research school in automation

The industrial research school at Mälardalen University is named the Automation Region Research Academy (ARRAY) and comprises 15 PhD candidates. Automation Region and Robotdalen are part of the collaboration together with ABB, Volvo CE, Skanska, Sandvik, First Control, and RISE SICS Västerås. The Knowledge Foundation grant SEK 32 million to the project.

Industrial Robotics

“For Robotdalen, ARRAY means that we strengthen our position as a national competence center for automation and robotics, where we can transmit and verify research results in crisp cases and industrial environments,” says Ingemar Reyier, Porject Manager at Robotdalen.

Industrial Research School ARRAY, in close cooperation with the world’s leading automation companies, will contribute to increased competence and development in scientific areas that are of strategic relevance to Swedish industry. The graduate school starting in 2018 will generate strategically very important recruits for academia as well as industry partners.

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Published: 30 March, 2019