Silent rooms a revolution for noisy workplaces

Sound affects our workplaces. Sometimes too much when noice stresses us out. With glass walls that can dampen sound for a more comfortable workplace.

iHubs Sweden Smart cities and housing Silent rooms a revolution for noisy workplaces

Image above: The most radical way of working with acoustic dampening in an office space is to install silent rooms. Photo: Abstracta.

Bangalore, St. Petersburg, the Faroe Islands, Dubai, Warsaw, Hong Kong, the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi and several cities in Sweden and the Nordic countries – all of them are places with design and interiors from the company Abstracta in Småland, Sweden. Now, Abstracta is initiating a collaboration on silent rooms with the Vinnväxt-initiative Smart Housing Småland, GFAB, RISE Glas and RISE Ljud och Vibration.

Abstracta calls its version of silent room for Plenty Pod, it is flexible rooms that allow you to retreat for phone calls and private conversations in environments such as open office landscapes, hotel lobbies and receptions.

Acoustic revolution

In recent years, there has been an acoustic revolution. Workplaces and other environments are no longer just designed to look good, but also to sound good. The most radical way of working with acoustic dampening in an office space is to install silent rooms – such as Plenty Pod, which completely prevents sound from entering or exiting.

In the new Smart Housing study “Glass for active sound dampening in office environment” there will be a study made on how glass can be used for active sound attenuation.

The company Abstracta participates to evaluate whether it is possible to introduce active sound attenuation in its series Plenty Pod. The aim is to deepen the understanding of how acoustic properties are affected by thickness and size of glass, laminating material, fixing of glass and placement and number of vibration transmitters on the glass.

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Published: 20 April, 2021