Smart sustainable city solutions in Sweden

Smart and sustainable city solutions in Sweden will be open for international delegations to visit.

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The Swedish Government has given The Swedish Energy Agency increased resources to develop Smart City Sweden, the national demonstration platform for smart and sustainable city solutions.

The Swedish Energy Agency, in turn, has given IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute the mission to develop and coordinate the platform, in close collaboration with regions and organizations across the country.

Regional offices

One important part of this expansion is that no less than six regional Smart City Sweden offices will be established in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Linköping, Borlänge and Umeå. This will increase the opportunity for international delegations to experience solutions located in all parts of Sweden.

Umeå a smart city

In Umeå, the assignment has gone to North Sweden Cleantech, a regional innovation and export platform for green technology, clean energy and sustainable solutions.

– It will be very exciting to try to get the whole of Sweden to showcase our smart sustainable solutions, says Susanne W Lindström, Director, International Business, at North Sweden Cleantech, who will be the regional coordinator.

– Our ambition is to showcase the best of the region and great emphasis will be placed on the story of Sweden linked to sustainable solutions. We want to make our companies visible, they can contribute to a sustainable city where social sustainability is an important part, Susanne W Lindström says.

Sustainable Business Hub

In Malmö, Sustainable Business Hub will be the partner in the network. It is a Triple Helix cluster for sustainability and cleantech. The members are clean tech companies, public sector with regional and local authorities, utilities and universities and research institutes. The mission is to promote innovation and business development in value chains that lead to a sustainable society.

Wider thematic scope

Another feature of this scale-up of Smart City Sweden is a wider thematic scope of the solutions that are being promoted within the platform. Social sustainability, Urban planning and Digitalization will now add to the previous focus on solutions within Energy, Climate & Environment and Mobility.

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