Towards a sustainable outdoor industry

The outdoor industry and sustainability experts have met to draft a long-term vision and strategy for sustainability collaboration within the European outdoor industry.

iHubs Sweden Sport and outdoor Towards a sustainable outdoor industry

Image: Adobestock/Jag_cz.

European Outdoor Group hosted the workshop which was facilitated by the Swedish consulting company Sustain in Time. Joel Svedlund, sustainability project manager at Peak Innovation, participated to add a Scandinavian industry and innovation perspective.

The growing outdoor interest in the world entails ever greater sales opportunities for outdoor brands. At the same time, the industry is facing many sustainability-related challenges, including climate change, toxic chemicals, working conditions, circular business models and the spread of microplastics – to name a few examples.

– Many European brands already make outstanding, individual sustainability efforts. But in order to accomplish systemic changes where supply chains and whole industrial systems are transformed, cooperation on a larger scale is required, says Joel Svedlund, Peak Innovation.

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