West Sweden wants to attract international companies

“The main purpose is to meet companies that we want to see physically in place in our region.” Organisations from West Sweden will take part of the world's largest industrial fair, the Hanover Fair, to promote business and investment.

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Image above: Sweden is a partner country for the Hanover Fair 2019, photo from last year’s fair when a partnership agreement was signed. Photo: Deutsche Messe.

“Our goal is that more people in the world should know us and the unique things we have to offer. We are now gathering around a West Swedish offering to promote the entire region’s investment work and future establishments in Western Sweden,” says Sebastian Mårtensson, business manager for Business Region Borås.

At this year’s fair, Sweden is for the first time the main partner country. This means a special focus on Sweden and Swedish industry during the fair, which gives a unique opportunity for Sweden, but also West Sweden to be seen and position itself internationally.

“We focus on highlighting the possibilities of establishing business here to take advantage of the unique expertise that our business community has built up for nearly 200 years of advanced industrial development and production in hard international competition,” says Ann Palmnäs, Operations Manager for Position Väst, Fyrbodals Municipal Association’s business start-up office which is Business Sweden’s regional partner.

Sweden’s partnership means a possibility to promote innovative social solutions, new export products and stronger competitiveness, which will be an important part of Swedish participation as a partner country.

“We are investing in this fair because it is the most important industrial fair in the world, the region is export dependent and our participation is part of promoting western Swedish exports,” says Olle Jonäng, Västra Götaland region.

“The main purpose is to meet companies that we want to see physically in place in our region ahead and which complement our existing business,” says Gustaf Wikblom, head of establishment at Business Region Skaraborg.

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