Triple I is a pilot project with the aim of increasing the benefit at the national level of things that happen at the regional level – and vice versa. The idea is that it should at the same time contribute to increasing Swedish participation in the EU’s programs for research and innovation.

Accelerating system transformation towards global sustainabiliy

About the project

The project is a pilot funded within the government mandate where Sweden’s strongest regional innovation environments collaborate with global companies, public organizations, entrepreneurs, investors and research organizations. The assignment aims at a national gathering of forces to increase participation in European projects for innovation actors in Sweden.

The Triple I iHubs project was started in May and will continue for the next six months. It involves all innovation hubs that are part of the collaboration platform iHubs Sweden.

Two overarching goals

Develop working methods, methods and tools that enable regional actors to use national and international investments and resources. These processes, methods and tools must be designed and made available so that they can be spread to many, i.e. can be scaled through well-defined services and channels.

Explore how regional innovation environments can together develop and strengthen capabilities to lead mission-driven processes both nationally and regionally in order to create increased participation of Swedish actors in Horizon Europe, a framework program for research and innovation that has a budget of over 95 billion euros and runs until 2027. https:// With the support of the assignment, at least two Swedish innovation actors must participate in Horizon applications in 2022.


The project is a learning project that should result in clear services that can be spread to many. The learning occurs by testing hypotheses within the framework of the national efforts that are carried out. The project is divided into four work packages that will be conducted in parallel, while they will also contribute input to each other.
The project started with a physical workshop in June where all parties were gathered and the steering group was also invited. The project runs during 2022.

Results and effects

The project period is relatively short (under 2022) and has defined and concrete activities and goals. At the same time, they lay the foundation for continued development. The result must be made available to other actors within the innovation system, for example in a tool box and workshops.

This pilot project will create a learning for how tools and methods can be co-created and spread between the regional and the national. By using organizations that have come a long way and have great experience of leadership in ”organizational spaces”, the project can contribute important lessons in shaping the future innovation system.

Participating parties

The innovation nodes included in iHubs Sweden are all well established and well anchored regionally as well as nationally/internationally. Most of the environments have been operating for more than 10 years, with a large collective experience and solid competence for innovation management. Today, the environments bring together about 1,000 companies and organizations, are active within a large number of Swedish and European networks and clusters, and have implemented hundreds of collaboration- based FUI projects within their regions, in Sweden and internationally.


The assignment is financed as part of Vinnova’s government assignment ”Assignment to develop working methods and processes for increased synergies between regional, national and international innovation efforts” (N2021/01920).

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