World changers, unite

The urgency of solving global challenges is undeniable. Acceleration is key. As a mission driven community of people from different Swedish regional innovation environments, we join forces across sectors and borders. Together, we strive to create smart, sustainable and up-scalable system solutions for the prosperity of people and our planet. Are you ready to make your mark?

Accelerating system transformation towards global sustainabiliy

You are in good company

ihubs Sweden is a place where entrepreneurs, researchers, businesses, and visionaries of today come together to think, re-think, act and process urgent innovation commons. As we expand our possibilities with every new contributing mind, you are more than welcome to chip in.

We are in this together

The number of individuals and organisations joining the iHubs Sweden community is continually growing. If you want to connect – drop down to meet all peers.

  • Together we do

    Accelerating system transformation towards global sustainability

  • Together we are

    Concerned: aware, engaged, responsible
    Unbound: neutral, open, flexible
    Resourceful: united, proficient, reliable
    Exploring: curious, visionary, progressive
    Bold: proud, confident, game

  • Together we will

    Leave the world a better place

If you have what it takes to contribute to transformative change, co-create sustainable solutions for global impact, as well as a promote regional and national industrial and institutional renewal in a global world – then you’re in demand. Give us a call!

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