Privacy policy

iHubs Sweden with email address (“we”) is responsible for the processing of your personal data (controller).

We strive to protect your personal data and aim to always comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal data. Through this privacy policy we wish to provide you with information on how your personal data is processed by us.

Should you have any questions about our processing of your personal data please do contact us using the details provided above.

This policy applies to the personal data that we process when you register for our activities, callings or for other information that we send to you (such as newsletters).

Personal data that we process

The personal data that you have sent to us

When you register for our activities or initiatives you will leave certain personal data to us. These are your name, your email address and the name of your employer. Should you specify any dietary preferences this information provided will also be processed by us. For activities that aren’t free of charge, we will furthermore process the invoice details which can include personal data in the case that you have a sole proprietorship.

The personal data that we have collected from a third party

In certain cases, we may process data about you that one of your colleagues provide us with in connection to that person registering you for one of our activities or initiatives. Said data will be processed as if you had personally registered, se above.

Why do we process your personal data?

Administration of your registration

We process your name, email address and the name of your employer to administrate your registration for the activity or initiative. The same applies when a colleague of yours registers for an activity or initiative. The legal basis for our processing is that it is necessary for us to ensure that we can fulfill our contract with you and provide you a spot at the activity or a role in a certain initiative.

If a colleague registers you, your colleague enters a contract with us in your name. By “contract” we mean that your colleague has taken part of the information provided regarding the processing of personal data as well as carried through the registration. Should you not provide the above-mentioned data (i.e. your name, email address and employer), personally or through your colleague, we cannot accept your registration.

Dietary preferences

Should you have provided us with a dietary preference such information will be processed so that we can cater to said preference for the activity at hand. Should the provided information in any way be connected to your health or religious beliefs, the processing will take place with your explicit consent.

If a colleague provides us with your dietary preferences it is required that your colleague has been given your approval to consent on your behalf. Should you not grant your colleague said approval, we cannot process these details.

Marketing and information

We process your email address to send you information, promotions and invites to our coming activities and initiatives. The legal basis for the processing of your email address is our qualified interest to send information, promotions and invites.

We give you the opportunity to in an easy manor decline receiving invites, information and promotions and we conform to good marketing practice. With the above in mind we have made the assessment that our qualified interest is of greater importance than your interest to not have your personal data processed. Should you disagree you may, at any time, object to us processing your personal data for marketing purposes.

Your email address can also be processed in the case you have signed up for newsletters but not yet participated in an activity or an initiative. The legal basis for the processing is your consent, which you provided in connection to signing up for our newsletters.

Publication of the list of participants for network purposes

If you have registered for an activity or initiative where there is a possibility of networking with other participants we will publish the list of participants or contributors on our website. The publication is justified by the means of a consideration of the interests at hand where the assessment has been made that our qualified interest to provide all participants with good preconditions to create new contacts must be of greater importance than your interest, and fundamental right, to not have your personal data processed for this purpose.

Our activities and initiatives often exceed the boundaries of industry branches and are aimed at parties within commerce and academics as well as the authorities. The published lists of participants allow you, and other participants, to gain an insight in which persons and organisations are interested in a certain question and find other participants for further discussions and partnerships. We also have a qualified interest to have full transparency in relation to our financiers.

If you wish that your name shall be kept off our website you have the option to register for the activity anonymously.

Publishing photographs and films for marketing and information purposes

If you, in connection to registering for an activity, or on site during the activity, give your consent, we may for marketing and information purposes process photographs and film where you are identifiable.

In addition to the processing of your personal data as explained above, we also process what is required by applicable laws and regulations. For example, we process the personal data that is necessary for us to follow applicable accounting and tax laws.

Who can gain access to your personal data?

As a rule, your personal data is processed only by us. However, we may share your data in accordance with the below:

  • We may share your information with our internal and external IT-suppliers. Potential other suppliers whom we hire will also be given access to all your personal data that we process, however, only to the extent necessary to enable them to fulfill their obligations in relation to us.
  • We will also share the information that is necessary to comply with applicable law, regulation and authority decisions. For example, we will disclose personal information to the Swedish Tax Agency when required under applicable tax legislation.

For further detailed information about which recipients that will gain access to your personal data, you can contact us by using the contact information provided in the beginning of this privacy policy.

As a starting point, we and our suppliers process your personal data within the EU/EEA.

How long do we save your personal data?

The information that we collect to administer your application, your payment and to meet any dietary requirements, is only saved during the time it is necessary for the activity in question, that is, until the activity is completed and any invoice has been sent and paid.

We process your email address to send information, promotions and invitations to upcoming activities until you unsubscribe from our emails.

If the activity has a network purpose and the participant list is published on our website then the list will be displayed for a period of 30 days after the activity is completed. The list is shown during that time so that you as a participant should be able to follow up your contacts from the activity and to give you an overview of which persons and organisations are interested in a particular issue.

Your personal data can be saved for a longer period of time than stated above, inasmuch as we are obliged to do so by law, regulation or other governmental decision.

Your rights

You have certain rights regarding the processing of your personal data, see below. To monitor your rights, you are welcome to contact us via the contact details provided above.

Withdraw your consent

At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data, wholly or in part. However, the withdrawal of your consent will not affect our processing of your personal data that took place during the time before the withdrawal.

Right of access

You have the right to receive confirmation of whether personal data concerning you is processed and access to information about how the personal data is processed, for example the purposes of the processing and which categories of personal data the processing applies. You also have the right to receive a copy of the personal data that is being processed.

Right to rectification

You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected without undue delay, and by providing information supplement incomplete personal data.

Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to request deletion of your personal data. Such conditions exist if; the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or processed, if you withdraw your consent on which the processing is based and there is no other legal basis for the processing, if you object to the processing and there are no reasons that justify continuing with the processing that is of greater importance than your right, when the personal data has been illegally processed or if the personal data must be erased in order to fulfill a legal obligation to which we are subject.

Right to restriction of processing

You have, under certain conditions, the right to request that the processing of your personal data shall be limited. Such conditions exist if you dispute the correctness of the data (however, only for a time that allows us to verify this), if the processing is illegal and you oppose the deletion of the personal data and instead request a limitation of the use of the data, if you need the personal data to make, or defend against, legal claims, even though we no longer need the personal data for the purpose of the processing or if you have objected to the processing and we did not check whether our qualified interest in processing your personal data outweighs your interest in not having your personal data processed.

Right to object

At any time, you have the right to object to a processing of your personal data based on a balance of interest. You also have the right to object to personal data being processed for marketing purposes, such as newsletters. If you object to your data used for marketing, your personal data will no longer be used for such purposes.

Right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish Supervisory Authority Datainspektionen or another competent supervisory authority that supervises the processing of personal data. You have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority in the country where you have your domicile, your workplace or where the alleged infringement was committed.

Right to data portability

Under certain circumstance, you have the right to obtain the personal data that you have provided to us in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format and have the right to transfer these to another person responsible for personal data (data portability). The right to data portability exists when the processing is based on your consent, or on an agreement, and the processing takes place automatically. You have the right to transfer the personal data directly from us to another person responsible for personal data when this is technically possible.

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